Mountain Gorillas Safari in East African Region- Facts about the Mountain Gorillas

Encountering the mountain gorillas in their natural habitat is considered as one of the best wildlife viewing experiences. Are you planning for a mountain gorilla safari in the East African Region? Normally, the East African region includes Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo that is famous for gorilla trekking adventure.


You can plan your mountain gorilla safari to one of these regions in East Africa that will help in having the most benefit out from your trip. On your mountain gorilla safari, you will be able to enjoy the most serene and enriching wildlife experiences.

Let us explore some of the interesting facts about the mountain gorillas that will enhance your gorilla trekking or tracking experience:

1. They are human being’s closest relatives!!

The mountain gorillas are special primates who are classified as one of the largest and most charismatic apes. After Chimpanzees, these special primates share up to 98% of their DNA with the humans. For which, they bear an unmistakable resemblance to humans in terms of intelligence, behavior patterns, and physiological structure.

2. They live in groups:


The mountain gorillas in the East African region are distributed into two populations. In the East African Region: One gorilla population in the East Africa’s Mahinga National Park (southwest Uganda), Volcanoes (northwest Rwanda) and Virunga (the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo- DRC). The other group of mountain gorilla is found in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. As highly sociable creatures, the mountain gorillas have up to 35 individuals in a group that includes adult males and females, infants and juveniles. Each of the mountain gorilla group has a dominant silverback male (aged male gorilla) who is responsible for protecting the entire group and rules the roost.

3. They are intelligent creatures:

As one of the intelligent creatures, the mountain gorillas communicate easily among themselves using gestures, body language, postures, barks, chatters, roars, odors, and screams. You will be surprised to see how they express their emotions in a special way like cry when sad and laugh when happy. In many cases, it is found that they have demonstrated the ability to understand the human sign language or spoken language.


4. They have a basic routine and a short life:

In comparison to the human beings, the life expectancy of a mountain gorilla is relatively short. As the mountain gorillas live up to only 40-50 years of age. The life of mountain revolves around a basic routine like foraging for food, dozing and grooming.

To know more, you can check out this YouTube  that is about the Lives of Mountain Gorillas (Full Documentary- the National Geographic Documentary)!

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